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hello again, i'm jessica kartalija and here's what people are talking about today. the police get a call about a suspicious man and before they know it, they're under attack. derek valcourt is live at kings sport square shopping center with the latest. good afternoon, derek. >> reporter: police say that man was emotionally december straight and -- distraught. that's why they were culled out here. someone reported a suspicious person on liberty and marriottsville road. when the first officer arrived, he didn't have to find the suspect, the suspect found him.
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>> we found the office -- upon the officer getting out of the car, the suspect attacked the officer. there was a struggle over the officer's weapon. >> reporter: as the suspect tried grabbing the gun, a second officer arrived and shot the suspect in the chest twice. councilman lives nearby and heard the commotion. >> i was in my office and my wife yelled down you better see what's going on. >> reporter: he says they don't often have crime problems and the police are collecting everybody as they learn more about the suspect. >> reporter: for now, the police aren't saying much about the suspect, only that he's in critical and stable condition. derek valcourt, wjz-13 eyewitness news. derek, thank you, we'll have more on this story tonight at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. a heart breaking weekend
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for a family. a 2-year-old drowned in a pull and he was rushed to a hospital and he was pronounced dead and the investigators ruled it accidental. a series of attacks near the university of maryland campus sparks an emergency warning for students. good afternoon, ron. >> reporter: well, hi, jessica, there are three separate attacks involving the university of maryland students and in each case, the attackers were after the same thing, money. one was tackled and robbed and this followed two similar attacks and in those cases, groups of state of the unions were assaulted near the campus. the suspects are praying on the victims during the late evening hours. >> that's frightening as a young female. we advise anyone during that time to try and travel in pairs.
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>> reporter: the police made two arrests and as many as eight suspects are still on the loose. jessica, back to you live in the news room, ron, thank you. lots of mud slinging in the political complains and the attorney general is getting involved. he's warning people that disseatful literature will be investigating and some brochures implied that the state endorsed some candidates and state hand outs have been printed. and complaints about the practices will be looked into. appropriate action will be taken. president obama is hitting the road this labor day to persuade the americans. he's running out of time to change voter's minds before midterm elections. here's more from washington from joel brown. >> reporter: president obama is
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heading to milwaukee, wisconsin to talk about his plans for getting americans back to work on this labor day, he's unveiling a $50 billion plan to spruce up the roads, rail waist and airport run waist. >> and the president will talk about infrastructure problems that put people back to work. >> reporter: it's one in a series of proposals president obama will pitch this week. others include incentives for research and development and to help small businesses. >> we want to accelerate the job growth that's needed across the country. >> reporter: with unemployment at 9.6%, the president is having a hard time convincing the voters that the democrats have the right prescription for jump starting the economy. from the republican point of view, we need to bring checks
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and balances, if we get back into control, we'll check the agenda. >> reporter: the latest poll gives the republicans a 10 point lead. if you look at the number of races in place, it's 60, 70, maybe 80 or 90 seats could turn over. >> reporter: the president will spend the next few months making the case that without the steps he's taken to jump start the economy, it would be worse. at the white house, joel brown. the president moves on to cleveland to talk about tax credits for businesses. and another picture perfect day is in store for us today. taking a live look outside. mother nature is giving us a gorgeous labor day. we're live with the first warning weather and marty has more out back and first, bernadette woods. hello, jessica and everyone
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out there. now, a new tropical storm formed and right now, around here, taking a look at temperatures, this is how we start out the day, 56-degrees in baltimore and 40s in the mountains and it's already 77 in baltimore and 80 in d.c. and the humidity levels are starting to creep up as a warmup takes hold and for more, here's marty. >> it's gorgeous, bernadette, thank you. and good afternoon, everyone. we'll look at the graphic that tells the story. another area of high pressure is getting to move into that such position. it will funnel for humidity and remember the dew point, 57 and we'll remember that tomorrow. it will add heat and we're getting closer to 90 degrees soon. this time of the year, the burst of heat and humidity are short lived. look at the cold front on the leftside of the screen. bernadette woods will have more, shortly in the first warning weather segment.
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now, back inside. marty, thank you. the perfect weather makes it a perfect day to take in a football game. head on down to m&t stadium. the game starts at 4:00, it's a major season opener for both games. the terps are the underdogs and it will be the first time the teams met in five years. and more hometown football is on the way. get fired up! the first regular season raven's game is a week away. we'll bring you the action live here on wjz-13. our special live season kick off coverage comes your way monday night at 6:30. still to come here on wjz- 13 eyewitness news at noon, a huge piece of evidence surfaces in the gulf oil spill. and wild kingdom goes wild, it's a fish story you have to see to believe. and taking another live look outside this noon.
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bernadette woods will be back with the first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today, the broken blowout preventer is on its way too land. the device was brought up a mile up from the ocean floor over the weekend. there it's being escorted to a nasa center in louisiana and they'll an partly cloudy skies the equipment and hoping to discover why it failed sending 200 million-gallons of crude oil spewing into the gulf. a popular section on craigslist has been taken down. the adult services section has a banner over it saying senned. and officials at the site aren't commenting. it's not clear if the ban is permanent. an australian boy has a tale to tell after a bizarre attack at a zoom he was invited to be a part at a show and charlie d'agata has the story from london.
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>> reporter: it was just another day at the office for the lexington feline. what a catch! >> reporter: the happy flipper flipped out. he shook fins and he captured his photo -- >> i was bitten -- >> reporter: the sea lion malled the 11-year-old's stomach and back and there were screams from the crowd and one woman fainted and jack kept cool. i couldn't feel it. it wasn't a big deal. my sister was crying. >> reporter: jack thinks he knows the reason. >> the sale sneeze -- seal sneezed on me with fish guts and i think it smelled that. >> >> reporter: the zoo keepers don't know what got into lexi. >> she's been in our care for
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eight years and we hand raised her. it was completely out of character. >> reporter: she's still doing the thing at the zoo, but no more up close and personal with the fans and jack should make a full recovery and he has advice. >> don't get sneezed on by a seal. >> reporter: you may be missustain for lunch. in london, i'm charlie charlie d'agata. and still ahead, take a live look outside, stay tuned bernadette woods will have the first warninin,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back we'll, everybody, take a look at the boats out. that's the place to be. we started out the day cooler. 56 degrees in baltimore and 55 in hagerstown and 40s in the mountains. we're recovering this afternoon. none baltimore and 80 in d.c. and the dew points are coming up along with the temperature. the winds are coming around to the south. the high pressure that's moving in is moving away. today, we'll warp up and tomorrow, more so. closer to 90 degrees for the
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high. not going to hang around until the next cold front. still, to the west, we have showers with it. it's going to lose a lot of showers and there's dry air on top of us. the patchy clouds tonight and tomorrow -- and then, wednesday, it gets closer and wednesday, it swings through and we have a chance for a shower and all of the green disappears when it moves on top of us. we have a chance for a shower wednesday. that's out of here for the weekend and temperatures will be back down again. we have this tropical storm hermione. you can see, it takes it towards texas. it will make landfall towards southern parts of texas and they'll continue off to parts of the northwest. it's a strong developing storm, however, it does not have that much water to work with. it will move on shore before becoming a hurricane.
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the winds jumped up to 52 miles per hour. our forecast tonight, we'll go down to 60 degrees and it will be a quiet one and tomorrow,the warmup continues and 89 degrees for the high and we'll hang on to that before another cooldown and most of the week is looking nice and we'll have the forecast of the forecast. is that a french name? >> i don't know. >> i was expecting you to say it that way. >> i don't know. all right, well, i know we're excited, but with the cooldown, it's feeling like football season. sin up for -- sign up for the profootball challenge and choose games each week and match up against our experts. well, you and mark viviano are the experts. >> go to the home page and sign
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up. it's easy. >> still to come, a connection between puberty and lead paint. we'll have the latest in health watch and wjz-13 is always on, here are the top stories at this hour. for the instant updates and the updated ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> when it comes to getting a colonoscopy, you may want a gastro interrologist perform the procedure. some are more likely to need the spread year in a year compared to those with a gastro doing the exam you may want to ask about how much experience the doctor has had performing the procedure. >> kids who spend their earliest years at day care could have a high risk of developing eczema. a study of 3000 children found those who attended day care before age 2 were more lukely to develop it. and the reason may be that children in day care may be exposed to more allergans than at home. girls exposed to lead may take longer to hit puberty.
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researchers analyzed the blood samples of 700 girls from 6 to 11. those with elevated levels of lead were 65% more likely to have puberty sooner. at 6:00, after the u.s. open tennis, we'll keep you updated on the developing story out of baltimore county where officers shoot a man over a struggle over a gun. also, a judge in the bahama tosses out the john travolta case. and join us for more at 6:00 after tennis. ,, [ male announcer ] the new subway flatbread breakfast sandwiches!
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like just a ton of books. [ girl ] and books about soft things. soft and slimy. [ female announcer ] now clip double box tops for education. from totino's pizza rolls and party pizzas. and make their school a better place. well, we'll take a look. we're getting ready to have a wonderful run of weather. want more heat and humid, we'll give it to you. 89 and 90 degrees. on a day like this. a taste of early fall. it's got you coming thursday and friday. more on saturday. no complaints. let's throw it back inside. don't miss tonight's prime time lineup including csi miami and eyewitness news at 11:00. finally, the so called black widow of eating contests up
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staged one of the sports big east stars. she gobbled up 181 chicken wings in 12 minutes. do the math! that's more than a dozen wings a minute. the favorite, joey chestnut finished second and she says she's still hungry. >> because it came back out?
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